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Year in fic 2015 and Yuletide reveals

Man, I didn't write that much this year, though I guess that's what happens when you feel kind of between fandoms.

First off, Yuletide reveals!

Shadowrun: Hong Kong

機不可失,時不再來 (interactive fic, about 1000 words in total) by thedeadparrot
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Shadowrun: Hong Kong
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Characters: Player Character, Duncan Wu
Additional Tags: Interactive, Interactive Fiction, Backstory

"An opportunity, once lost, does not come around a second time." - Chinese proverb

Oh jeez. This was originally going to be a more ambitious project, using the Shadowrun content editor to create a mini campaign. In the end, I just ran out of time to figure out the technical details and just put the story into Twine and then skin it to look like the Shadowrun UI. That definitely made it easier. I spent soooo much time trying to find a good Chinese proverb for the tiltle.

Life is Strange

Four Times Max Almost Kisses Chloe (and One Time She Does) (1566 words) by thedeadparrot
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Life Is Strange (Video Game)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Maxine Caulfield/Chloe Price
Additional Tags: five things

I was originally working on this as a treat, but then it showed up on the pinch hit list. I figured that it made sense to pick it up. Life is Strange is one of those games that ate my life for a week. It does this amazing thing where it stretches out these moments, where it lets you linger in a feeling for as long as you'd like. Getting a chance to try to recapture that was a great palate cleanser after trying to do something more scripted and dialogue-heavy.

How to Get Away with Murder

Play It Again (17903 words) - I played Grim Fandango and after getting to Rubacava (which got an excellent Yuletide story dedicated to it), I really wanted to write a Casablanca AU. For some reason, Connor and Oliver seemed like the perfect fit. It adored getting to write an older version of Connor and Oliver, and I especially loved getting to work in little Casablanca references into the story itself.

Just Mangled Guts Pretending (1363 words) - An immediate emotional reaction to the HTGAWM season finale and the bomb that gets dropped into it. I liked getting a chance to write it. I am all about the push and pull in relationship, the ways we try to do the right thing for the people we care about and how we sometimes get it right and how we sometimes don't get it right at all.

Stacking the Dice (22291 words) - I don't even know, man. I feel like high school AUs capture how perfectly high school is a microcosm for the rest of our lives, and I wanted to write one that really managed to reflect the Connor/Oliver dynamics on the show. This was a super exhausting story to write. I'm proud of how it turned out, though. It's fun, it's ridiculous. It features Nicholas Sparks movies. What else could you want?

Fast & Furious Series

Not Something You Take (1642 words) - Furious 7 gave me lots of feelings, and the sedoretu version of these characters is near and dear to my heart. This was a chance for me to deal with Brian's eventual fate and what it means for these characters.


Rituals (Sing Without Words Remix) (1477 words) - I needed to remember how to work on short things after writing Stacking the Dice, so this was a fun little challenge. I really liked getting to take the original story and expand it outwards. Also, challenging myself to write a story without any dialogue whatsoever.

Social Network

19th Nervous Breakdown (2033 words) - the mafia AU is always a delight to go back to, and even with this prompt it was hard to figure out exactly where we wanted to end up. [personal profile] merisunshine36 came up with the idea of Mark and Eduardo's wedding, and I came up with the ideas that contained maximum cheese and maximum upset all in the same fic.

Legend of Zelda

[Vid] The Heroes' Journey - I already wrote a gazillion words about this vid, so I'm not going to do that here. I just have a lot of Zelda feelings. I'm glad I got to make a vid about them. Kind of. This is my first vid in years and I forgot just how much sheer work it is. Jeez.

Leitmotif(s) of the year: Disasters. Okay, so maybe not really, but the amount of time I spent thinking about Connor and Oliver's relationship (which always feels on the verge of disaster) definitely contributed to my overall impression of my output this year.

My best story of this year: Stacking the Dice. It's probably the most conventional slash fic I could have written, but that just means that I could produce something that has a clear, predictable, satisfying arc. I got to put a lot into it. It was fun.

My favorite story of this year: Play It Again. It's just so oddball, even knowing it as a Casablanca AU. There's so much plot. So much weird character stuff going on. Why Seattle? Why not Seattle?

Most popular story: Probably Stacking the Dice. For most of the reasons mentioned above.

Story of mine most underappreciated by the universe, in my opinion: I had hoped that more people would have dropped in on 機不可失,時不再來, but it's hard to understand without knowing the characters, so I get it.

Most fun story to write: This is kind of a technicality, but ficbot was the thing that I enjoyed the most creating this year. It's fun. It's ridiculous. It's spent the last few months writing hockey fic. IDEK anymore.

Story that shifted my own perceptions of the characters: Not Something You Take, probably. Trying to fit characters into a sedoretu always changes your perceptions of them, and I liked getting a chance to understand why Letty leaves in the movie.

Hardest story to write: Stacking the Dice. Ugh, so many moving parts. So long. Why do I do this to myself? I have no idea.

Biggest Disappointment: I dunno! I feel like any disappointments this year did not get finished and/or posted, so it doesn't count.

Biggest Surprise: Four Times Max Almost Kisses Chloe (and One Time She Does). I usually struggle with writing video game characters, but in this case, it was super easy. Max and Chloe came out of my head fully formed. It was kind of amazing

Story I haven't yet written, but intend to: Star Wars is my forever fandom, and I'm in the middle of writing some fic right now. I said on Twitter that I feel like I've been waiting my whole life to write this fic, and it's only kind of an exaggeration. I used to read Star Wars encyclopedias for fun as a kid, okay? Before I found fandom, I devoured Star Wars novels like candy. God knows how many times I've played KotORs I and II.

So, uh, yeah. That's about 10k words right now of OT3 adventures. If you have any interest in cheerleading or audiencing it (and eventually betaing it?), please let me know. It's still pretty rough, but I could use some validation as I charge towards the end.

Bonus feature:

So this isn't the tenth year I've been writing fic, but it is the tenth year I've been writing these wrap-up posts (omg, I know?)

So here's thedeadparrot's year in fic 2005. Also the first year I participated in Yuletide. It was great. I was not that great. Hopefully, I've gotten better.

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