thedeadparrot (thedeadparrot) wrote,

exercise update

- Need to see a physio about knees. They don't hurt most of the time, but I can't run on them for very long. Bleh. I have been bad and unmotivated about this.

- Can do a full chest-to-ground pushup. Only like 2-3 in a row before my back starts arching and my arms give out, but man, I feel like a badass for those three.

- Pullups are progressing slowly, still, but I can do proper slow negatives now! It takes me like 4-5 seconds to reach the ground! I can't get anywhere from a dead hang, but if I start from my feet, I can get my arms into L-shapes, sort-of.

- Managed to do a few wall climbups and then never replicate that feat ever again. (I suspect it's to do with wall grippiness and my inability to compensate for that with strength.)

- Got up to 5.9 walls in climbing. Even tried a 5.10a, but failed within the first 3 holds. Hahahaha. One day I will have actual grip strength for things.

- Balancing on wet rails is difficult. I need to get better at dealing with them in my Ollos instead of relying on the thinner soles of my Tigers.

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