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GIP and Today

I did well on my Math test! Go me. :) Maybe not so well on my US History, but it's all good.

This is a self protrait done while I was bored on the way home from NYC. I'm tempted to make it my default because I love it so much.

I really want to get TTT: EE and a U2 DVD and a Moby CD/DVD. Yeah, this is going to be a good weekend.

I'm pretty sick right now. It's all Emerson's fault. Coughing and having a slightly runny nose.

Gavin was suspiciously absent today. The last time he was absent was a big Physics test. Hmm...

I am tempted to do Reflections, the lame PTSA creativity competition this year. Of course my entry wouldn't have any of the fluffy, happy ideas they're going for. I want to be really tongue in cheek and put in things like dead squirrels and the Blue Screen of Death. Shut up. I'm not really sick and twisted... just slightly. I already have pictures I want to use.
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