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Shakespeare Rant

In English we just finished Julius Caesar. I had some issues with it.

Point #1: Cassius vs. Brutus
Throughout the play, Brutus is considered more honorable and noble than Cassius. Brutus doesn't kill Caesar out of spite, but out of desire to protect the Roman Republic. In the end he does kill Caesar and gets Antony pissed off at him. The Triumvirate and the conspirators face off, blah, blah, blah, the shit hits the fan. Cassius eventually kills himself because he is "cowardly" and he wants to prevent his own disgrace. Then, at the end Brutus does the same thing and it is considered "noble" (At least according to my English teacher). What the hell? Sure Cassius wasn't a great guy, but Brutus isn't that much better. Brutus's death isn't any nobler than Cassius's, but everyone considers it that way.

Point #2: Antony
This guy's feelings change in a split second. "Hmm... These people killed my best friend, I think I'll go rile the Roman mob, and get the people to hunt them down. Then I can keep my hands clean." " They've gotten away, I think we should send an army after them". Sure, his characterization is consistent here, but, wait, at the end: "Wow this guy who killed my friend was really noble, I think we should commemorate him because, wow, what a great guy!" Antony was the hardest on Brutus in his eulogy scene, "His blow hurt the most, blah, blah." Why would he all of a sudden like him. Even if Antony understood Brutus's reasons, he would still be incredibly bitter. There's no one to appease in terms of popularity. The only explanation I can think of is that Shakespeare chickened out and needed to make a last ditch attempt at showing how great Brutus was.

Point #3: Portia
When I grow up, I want to stab my leg to prove to my husband how trustworthy I am! I also want to commit suicide when the going gets tough! That is all I need to say.

Point #3b: Portia's Family Members
Look at us, we're here to be examples of the cruel hand of fate!

Point #4: The Title
Let’s kill the title character in the third act! I know that this is worse now, but could Shakespeare have come up with a title more accurate? I mean, he is considered “classic” and “brilliant”.

The rant endeth here.
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