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Because I'm bored and stuff.

The deadparrot in Shot or Not
In this fully-fledged kill-fest, thedeadparrot (Emilie François) is an ex-prisoner with a vendetta. She needs to track down saml (Tobey Maguire) before her archenemy, shnarf (Lacey Chabert), captures him. Like many before her, she attempts a break-in at a secret stronghold stealthily. It really needs to be seen to be watched.
Produced by ianiceboy

The deadparrot in On Board
thedeadparrot (Kirsten Dunst) has one last chance at saving her seat on the school council. School camp is just days from over, her dwindling ability to be influential is holding her back from the boy of her dreams, and saml, her best friend (Daryl Sabara), is showered with compliments when he discovers that pi is a rational number in base pi. shnarf (Katie Holmes) trades her lunch for mass resentment concerning homework; everyone else attends the party of a lifetime. The plot is forgotten and many become inebriated.
Produced by ianiceboy
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