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School Bus Stupidity

Yay for stupid people. :eyeroll: While my school bus on the way home has always been full of people who don't know what they're talking about, today's little escapade took the cake.

So, these two people are debating whether or not one of them is an anarchist. The other person sites her "black hair", " almost black clothes", and ""cirlce with a star in it" (not sure if he was talking about a pentagram or an anrachist A), as well as her worshiping the devil. I point out that satanism and anarchism are different things. One being a religious belief, the other being a political. Of course, I argue with him for a little bit, him stating that he has friends who are "anarchists" and act exactly like this other person. I question his logic, and then his sister tells me to shut up stating that I play magic and that I am being "Tariq's long lost sister" (Tariq is a kid who also has the capacity to do logic). So they leave the bus and he flips me off. I feel very irritated and confused.

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