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10 Icons Meme

Favorite icons, their keywords, and why you like them

cartoon parrot Keyword: deadparrot. My keywords don't really get interesting until about halfway through this thing, just in case you were wondering. This was one of the first icons I made, originally for messageboard use at 50x50, which is why its so pixelized after I enlarged it.

mary sue Keyword: mary sue. I used screen caps from Monty Python's "Funniest Joke in the World" sketch. The quote is from the marysues user info. I always liked the line and I still like the icon.

beatlesKeyword: Beatles. The line and the image just fit. I added the scratches later.

geekyKeyword: geeky. I loved the strip and converted it into an icon. I still use it all the time. It's the best.

taperecorders are snarkyKeyword: taperecorders are snarky. I just like the sarcastic tone of it. It doesn't hurt that it's Monty Python related either.

transvestite ctyersKeyword: transvestite ctyers. CTY is probably the greatest experience of my life. I needed to commemorate it and pay tribute to crossdressing day.

meKeyword: me. This is the only icon I have of myself. I took it in the window of a train on the way back from NYC. You can see shnarf in the background making a glove balloon. I think it captures me pretty well.

soulKeyword: soul. Bono is such a freak. I like the sentement and the fact that the bottom of his boot actually says that.

joyKeyword: joy. The infamous Emerson icon. I wanted a "happy" picture. Emerson has a great smile, so I took a picture of him and used it.

fuck offKeyword: fuck off. Becaue who doesn't like Johnny Cash giving them the finger?

Dark Helmet, because there was room for only 10.
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