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What is it about the Beatles that makes teenage girls want to scream? I mean it even happened to me while I was watching The Beatles Anthology. I was just sitting there watching them perform, and I had this sudden urge to start screaming incoherently. Not in a bad way or anything, I just wanted to scream. Perhaps it's the whole mob consciousness with all the girls screaming onscreen. They really were really exciting in a tingly sort of way. Chills really.

Other than that, the Anthology is really good. The filmmakers didn't seem to have any restrictions to the material that they had which makes it really cool. I didn't see it on television the first time around, so I'm really excited about watching more of it.

Other than that, Orlando's boring. I'm probably going to go walking a little bit later. I'm going to walk to my mom's office for lunch, so that should be interesting.
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