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Musings about Religion

I was talking to someone, let's call them Person A, on my bus today about religion. (Yes, a lot of stuff happens on bus rides.) We were both athiests discussing why we don't believe in God. Someone else (Person B) butts in and starts challenging us about our beliefs. Person A basically starts telling Person B that Person B is full of shit and that if God exists, he'll blow up the bus. Since I'm posting this, God obviously didn't blow up the bus. Person A continues telling Person A reasons why they're wrong.

I felt uncomfortable at this point because I don't think that religion should be forced upon anyone. I don't want Christians telling me that I'm a bad person and that I'm going to hell. They have a right to their beliefs, and I have a right to mine. I refuse to force my athiesim on anyone. Maybe, if they were really bothering me, I would, but that has never happened to me. That's what freedom of religion is all about.

My opinion about the God vs. no God argument is that it cannot be proven either way. Even trying to bring facts into it doesn't help, since it's a matter of belief.

On the other hand, much of our morality comes from religion. We don't think it's moral to kill ourselves, but in other cultures (most notably Japan) suicide was a noble thing. Same thing goes with the Mayans and ritual sacrifices. Should laws be based on religious beliefs? Is it right that much of our laws today are based of religious morality?

The main question is, should we force our religion on others? Is it right that we should be forced to say God every morning? How much should religion  affect our laws and country?

I'd love to see your opinions on this.
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