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I did manage to come up with somebody after all....

    The one person I'd like to interview would be the guy who makes cue cards for TRL. This is a TV show that interests me. I watch it every day when I get home from school. It used to confuse me when the VJs screwed up names and said, “Excuse me, I misread.” I understand now that they were just reading off cue cards.
    I think that the guy who writes the cue cards is great. He comes up with all of this witty stuff for the VJs to say, like “Today we have Justin Timberlake in the studio.” and “Give a big round of applause for Christina Aguilera!” These phrases are so awe inspiring that the people in the audience can't help but scream. They make me want to scream along with them. With people like that writing the dialogue, it's no wonder TRL is the best show of its kind.
    There are a few different questions I'd like to ask him (or her, you never know). I'd ask them where they got their ideas from. They have to come up with this brilliant stuff every day. They have to constantly come up with new ideas. How will the VJ introduce the next video? With praise? With a description of its past successes on the countdown? The person who writes the cue cards always keeps us guessing.
    Another thing I'd ask the person who writes the cue cards is “What kind of marker do you use?” The choice of marker is very important. It needs to be heavy and dark enough for the VJ to read while they are pretending to talk to the screen. It also can't be too dark or else it could become even harder for the VJ to read. I bet they use a Sharpie. Sharpies are the best.
    I feel that the person who holds up the cue cards has done a great service to society. If I ever got a chance to meet him or her, I would tell them that.
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