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It's not dead

It's just resting

3 September
External Services:
  • thedeadparrot@livejournal.com
  • thedeadparrot03
  • thedeadparrot@gmail.com

thedeadparrot is a boring computer geek with an deep, abiding love for Monty Python. She occasionally makes icons, which some people happen to like. You can find the really old stuff in her memories and the new stuff in parrotdroppings.

thedeadparrot also ocasionally writes fic. You can find her rather pathetic attempts in the memories or at her fic archive on AO3. Now she also has a bright and spiffy fic comm, parrotfic, which you may want to friend if you don't want the boring stuff inbetween. She writes lots and lots of random different fandoms, so you'll probably catch her in her various stages of her addictions. Some of what she writes is slash. Some of what she writes is gen. Some of what she writes is het. It varies depending on the mood she's in.

No one needs to ask in order to friend thedeadparrot. Go right ahead. In fact, she'll friend you back. Serial adders will get laughed at, and thedeadparrot will feel moderately validated for being cool enough to target.

You can find her on Dreamwidth at [info] - personalthedeadparrot.

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